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My current role and recent achievements

As a Member of the Business Technology Leadership Team I am reporting directly to the CIO of the LEGO Group, and I lead a team of 25 internal experts and another 40 to 50 external resources.

I manage a department at the LEGO headquarters that is providing the expertise and know-how to deliver a great User Experience across our internal technology products and services. My department also owns the different portals and mobile apps experiences while developing and maintaining all products including SAP Fiori, SAP Cloud Platform, React, React Native, o365, Teams, SharePoint, Power Platform, Design System and other intranet & applications.

Within this scope I have strategic and tactical ownership of the user experience (UX) agenda while leading the development and the execution of the roadmaps and defining outcome metrics to objectively monitor success. I steer the transition into a product-organized team with an agile approach to delivery. In detail, I execute the following assignments:

  • Develop a UX/UI strategy and operating model as part of LEGO’s recent digital transformation in close collaboration with the EVP & CDTO of the LEGO Group and McKinsey & Company.
  • Grow a department that provides the expertise and know-how to deliver a consumer-grade UX across every internal technology product.
  • Ownership including development of the many internal portals and mobile apps in a broad tech stack comprising all aforementioned systems and solutions.
  • Lead the development and the execution of the roadmaps and defining outcome metrics to objectively monitor success.
  • Act as a Chief Product Owner in his department.
  • Work as a product team member of the BT LT which Product Owner is the CIO to address IT strategy in sprints in an agile way.
  • Engaging with external partners through POCs including Amazon AWS, Microsoft, SAP, ServiceNow and Google.

I have very profound and comprehensive professional knowledge which I always applies in a focused, timely and appropriate manner. My expertise goes deep into new trends like creating unparalleled user experience on a strategic level as well as regarding implementation. I immerse myself rapidly and IT landscape become productive within a very short period. Within an internal development program for high potential managers, I took part in the LEGO Catalyst Program at IMD on leadership and strategy.

As an accomplished and highly dynamic senior executive, I display strong analytical skills and a very sound judgment complemented by considerable IT project management experience in the enterprise environment. Based on my findings, I know how to take the appropriate decision and action. In addition, I display much creativity so that I also find and implement completely new solutions. I really strive to always apply best-in class user-centered design, modern development methods, and agile principles – and deliver. I have a convincing track record of delivering award winning digital products and branding to the benefit of the LEGO Group.

Passionate about promoting and demonstrating the strategic importance of combining engineering excellence and consumer-grade user experience, I treat my internal customers always in an obliging manner, providing any requested help and support with my team.

In my leadership role, I try to always inject empathy and a collegial spirit. I have earned a track record of attracting and retaining digital talent for the organization. I have a long experience in managing large teams of developers, infrastructure Engineers (DevOps), UX researchers, UI designers, and product owners mixed in teams of internal and external experts. Across disciplines and mentalities I succeed in forming, developing and guiding high impact teams.

I have achieved a number of impressive results, having:

  • Initiated and delivered LEGO’s first Business Design System.
  • Created the first of its kind UX Academy to raise UX awareness, leading to a Gartner article and a UX Guild.
  • Created an international award winning, high NPS and fast Intranet out of a legacy system within a year.
  • Developed the UX partnership model within LEGO Business Technology.
  • Brought to release a novel way of handling SAP applications decoupling frontend from backend by building a SAP Gateway into the AWS Cloud, including giving a key note speech at SAP on this achievement.
  • Completed on time the very challenging migration of 15,000 SharePoint sites from on-premise to the cloud on SharePoint Online addressing security and compliance at once.
  • Led partnership with Microsoft to develop our close collaboration and to get Microsoft to prioritize LEGO’s needed features, including eligibility to enter very special compass circle in Seattle by Microsoft.
  • Steering Committee member of the multi-millions campus project for defining its future guest experience.
  • Co-defined IT, product and agility strategy of LEGO as member of the LEGO BT LT Leadership Team.
  • Formed a seamlessly functioning and extremely motivated high performance team (elevating Motivation & Satisfaction Score by 16%) while recruiting and developing many new talents in UX and Engineering Department.

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