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Problem, solved.

Development of various consumer services (mobile apps) and mobile operating systems (mobile OS) between 2003 and 2008.

5 years in Paris Usability Expert R&D Project Manager UX Research manager.

  • Managing projects and leading a team of usability experts, developers and designers.
  • From 10/2006 to 06/2007: project manager for a strategic Time-To-Market project (unlimited budget) around User Generated Video Content and Web 2.0 environment.
  • Running usability activities and developing prototypes for PC and mobile applications.
  • Working closely with Orange Mobile and Web biz units to anticipate future user needs.
  • Member of the Wireless World Research Forum, writing and presenting research papers.

Navel Project

Full mobile OS spec Very small screen : 128px X 128px only
Similar to screensize of an Apple Watch.


The Simple Phone project

Full Mobile OS spec Full interaction based on 2 way navigation.

The Orange Homescreen project

(went live in 2006 on 3 000 000 handsets!)

Iterative development from early protypes til final designs:

Innovative features such as time related menu and consumption related screen:
Mode indicated via the background image:

The Orange TV app

First ever TV app on an iPhone:

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